About Laser Processing

Steelmart offers 6 and 10 kilowatt fiber laser cutting service.

CNC Laser Cutting

Fiber technology utilizes a solid gain medium, as opposed to a gas or liquid. The “seed laser” produces the laser beam and is then amplified within a glass fiber. With a wavelength of only 1.064 micrometers fiber lasers produce an extremely small spot size (up to 100 times smaller compared to the CO2) making it ideal for cutting reflective metal material and carbon steel.


Accuracy of +/- 0.0039” over 120” of travel
Repeatability of 0.001”

Processing Capabilities:​

Steelmart can laser cut up to 1” thick mild steel, ½” thick stainless steel, and ½” thick aluminum. Steelmart can accommodate 98” wide by 336” long sheets or plates.

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