b"SELF-CLOSING HINGESWith or Without Quick-FitREINFORCINGPATENTEDRIBS ADJUSTOR Alignment Molded ribs provideDepress for tension.superior torsionalRises back intoLegsand lateral leafsleeve to retain strength.tension.Two legs provide secure,STYLISH FLATINTERNAL FINISH STAINLESSdouble-face STEEL SPRINGTextured blackProvides evenfixingfinish gives a stylish, modernclosing tension for look. gates. Safety Cap STRENGTH MOLDED HINGECap's steep ramp will deter AND STYLE BODY a toddler from scaling Subtle design fea- Strong & rust-free.tures such as radiusUV-stabilized fence or reaching the latchcorners providespolymers withstrength and style. glass-fiber ITEM #DESCRIPTIONreinforcement.HITCACAPS3 STANDARDHITCHDCAPS3 HEAVY-DUTYTruClose Self-Closing Hinges Sold in Pairs CAP SOLD SEPARATELYTCHD1A-MK2 TCA1-MK2 TCA2-MK2Heavy Duty Regular Duty Regular DutyMetal to Metal Metal to Metal Metal to WoodMetal to MetalNo Fasteners included No Fasteners included No Fasteners includedMaxi Load: 700 lbsMaxi Load: 450 lbsMaxi Load: 450 lbs 1000 lbs. w/ legs550 lbs. w/ legs550 lbs. w/ legs Gate Weight: 132 lbs. Gate Weight: 55lbs. Gate Weight: 55lbs.ITEM#COLOR LEGSDESCRIPTION ITEM #COLORLEGSDESCRIPTION ITEM #COLORLEGS DIMENSIONSHIT1BlackNone3-1/2 x 5 HITCA1 BlackNone 2-1/2x 3-13/16HITCA2Black None3-7/8 x 3-3/4HIT2BlackTwo3-1/2 x 5 HITCA1L2 Black Two2-1/2x 3-13/16HITCA2L2Black Two 3-7/8 x 3-3/4Aluminum Self Closing Gate HingesPowdered aluminium hinges Sold in Find a D&D-patented tension adjustment Pairs2 models for different applications Selection of Wall and Post Mounting stylesTested over 300,000 cycles D & D Latches 2 year warranty HAKF3L2BL on PagesITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAKF3L2BL Post Mounting Self Closing Gate Hinge HAKF3ABL 168-169HAKF3ABL Wall Mounting Self Closing Gate Hinge158 CATALOG2www.steelmartatlanta.com"