b'SPECIALTY COATINGS AND CHEMICALSSatin Semi-Gloss Oil Red Oxide Rust Based Enamel for MetalInhibitive PrimerPrimer and Finish in One Coat Air Dries in MinutesBuilt-in Rust InhibitorsAttractive Low SheenA primer is recommendedITEM#COLORSIZE ITEM#COLORSIZE High Solids ContentSP2144Cream1 Gallon SP2157Dark Bronze1 Gallon Longer Rust ProtectionSP2179Beige1 Gallon SP2154Metallic Coppertone1 Gallon Contains Rust Inhibitors SP2109Antique White1 Gallon SP2161Brown1 Gallon XYLENE Thinner recommendedSP2181Brilliant White1 Gallon SP2170Russet Brown1 Gallon ITEM#COLORSIZESP2100Black1 Gallon SP2113Walnut Brown1 Gallon SP1369Red1 GallonSP21005Black5 Gallon SP2132Dark Green1 Gallon SP13695Red5 GallonSP3879Flat Black1 Gallon SP2102Chocolate Brown1 GallonSP38795Flat Black5 Gallon SP2160Yellow1 Gallon BriteSP2164Gray1 Gallon SP1190Metallic Gun Metal1 Gallon Galvanize SP1175Aluminum Metallic1 Gallon SP1657MetallicAntique Gold1 Gallon CoatingA glistening coatingFirebox Black HeatPaint For Galvanizedwith 65% pure zincResistant Metal and in dry film GALVANIZE PAINTStops rust and corrosion on any Enamel Aluminum iron or steel surface for protection For BBQ grills, Paint directly on equal to or better than hot-dipped stoves, fireplaces galvanized metal galvanizingFast Drying and aluminum ITEM#DESCRIPTIONSIZEHelps prevents Apply with brush, spray or roller SPWSCGGCold Galvanize 1 Gallon Canrust Water reducibleBlack satin finish Xylene ThinnerOne GallonITEM#SIZE Available for in store pick-up onlyITEM#SIZE SP06011 Gallon CanSP23H1 Gallon Can SP060155 Gallon Bucket ITEM#SIZESPXL1 GallonGem Rust Killer Tubing CleanerSPXL55 GallonsNeutralizes rust and DegreaserConverts Iron oxide (rust) into Iron Phosphate Environmentally Primes metal for painting friendly non-solvent One quart covers approx.based solution Mineral Spirits 150 square feet Makes up to 30 gallonsThin Blacksmith Brand One gallon covers approx. of cleaner from onepaint with mineral spirits 600 square feet gallon of concentrate. when painting in hot weather.ITEM#SIZEAvailable for in store pick-up onlyMCS1RK1 Quart ITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZEMCSGRK1 Gallon MCSP1000TC1 Gallon Jug SP1MS1 Gallon Container www.steelmartatlanta.com CATALOG2 243'