b'CLASSIC & CONTEMPO ACCESSORIESDesignmaster is Miami-Dade County certified, the highest certification for any Welded Steel Wire Fencing System, High Velocity, Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). Miami-Dade certication is recognized worldwide as the standard for products that can withstand the most severe weather and wind loads.Posts and Accessories onThis Page Can Be Used with Both Classic and Contempo Fence PanelsBrackets are required forPosts for 2 Panel = 2Posts for 6 Panel = 4 each post as follows :Posts for 4 Panel = 2Posts for 8 Panel = 5Posts for 5 Panel = 3All Designmaster Fence Products 2x 2 Post ITEM#HEIGHTGAUGECOLOR BracketsITEM#COLOR Qualify for LEED GP21644816Black use with 2x 2 Posts FW12873Black Credits Needed GP21667216Black FW12879Gray to Achieve LEED GP21678416Black FW12876Green CertificationGP21689616Black FW12882GalvanizedGP216910816BlackGP2161113216Black Each box of FW129227216Gray brackets FW128999616Gray contains:GREENFW1290010816Gray 25 Brackets FW128927216Green 25 Bolts FW128949616Green 25 Nuts BLACK2-1/4x 2-1/4 Post ITEM#HEIGHTGAUGECOLOR BracketsITEM#COLORFW120207216Black use withFW12514BlackFW120229616Black 2-1/4x 2-1/4 Posts FW12518Gray BROWNFW1202313216Black FW12515GreenFW127437216Gray FW21803GalvanizedFW122139616GrayFW1221613216Gray WHITEFW120127216Green Each box of brackets contains: FW120139616Green 25 Brackets, 25 Bolts, 25 NutsBLUE3x 3 Post ITEM#HEIGHTGAUGECOLOR BracketsITEM#COLORGP31489614Black use with 3x3 Posts FW12410BlackGP3141012014Black FW12937GrayFW639547216Gray FW12412Green YELLOWFW129929616Gray FW12816 GalvanizedFW128559614GreenFW1285612016Green Each box of brackets contains: 25 Brackets, 25 Bolts, 25 NutsRED4x 4 Post ITEM#HEIGHTGAUGECOLOR Single GP4111012011Black Clamp25/box, includes hardwareGRAYITEM# COLORFW78766 BlackFW78770GrayFW78768Green GALVANIZEDFW10558 Galvanized www.steelmartatlanta.com CATALOG2 3'