b'LATCHESHeavy-Duty Spring-Loaded Bolt LatchFlush Slam Latchwith Keeper Spring Pull Die Cast Zinc Bolt2"WX2-1/2" L1"LATCHSleek styling with Compressed spring keeps the bolt inrecessed locked position handle and concealed mounting holesZinc-plated steel Zinc-plated parts provide extra 5" W (includes handle) X 6" L corrosion resistance5.90" BOLT LENGTHITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION0.75" DIA / 1 " L LATCH HAP1260ZBolt Latch w/Keeper HAP1194Slam Latch with Zinc BoltZinc Spring-LoadedSpring Loaded Bolt Spring-Loaded Bolt Latch Bolt Latch8.5" LENGTHUses compressed 3.31" LATCH Spring bolt latch uses compressedspring to keep spring to keep bolt in lockedbolt in position locked Zinc-plated finish over steel positionZinc-plated2.85" LENGTH finish over steel .85" LATCHITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAP1184Z Zinc Spring-loaded Bolt Latch HAP115903Spring-loaded Bolt LatchAluminum Spring-LoadedWeld-on Slam LatchBolt Latch Great for Heavy-Duty 4.82" LENGTH (with latch)Applications Such as 1.5" LATCH Cattle Carriers or Trash Latch has PVC dipped bolt grip Enclosure GatesSpring bolt latch uses compressed spring to keep bolt in locked positionAluminum LEFT HAND STEELITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAP1181A Aluminum Latch w/Spring-loaded BoltZinc Spring-LoadedRIGHT HANDBolt Latch Spring Loaded Bolt Right or Left Hand6" LENGTHLatch comes with a bullet nose and1-1/4"WX6-5/8" L1.25" LATCH PVC dipped bolt grip 1"LATCHSpring bolt latch uses compressed spring to keep bolt in lockedLatches are made from mill finished position steelZinc-plated finish over steel ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM # DESCRIPTION HAP1186R Right Hand Slam LatchHAP118Z03 Latch w/Spring-loaded Bolt HAP1186LLeft Hand Slam Latch www.steelmartatlanta.com CATALOG2 165'